Chris & Cindy Murdock

Your Hosts

It all started when…


For as long as we have been together, we have enjoyed hosting parties and gatherings in our home as a way to savor the company of friends, family and people we did not yet know.  Bringing people together over good food and good conversation has always been a way of life for us.  We love to create an environment that makes relaxing easy. 

In 2017 we began looking for a way to marry the skills we spent a lifetime acquiring with our long-term goals and the idea of creating an event venue emerged.  Others we knew seemed to think it was a good idea too so we did our homework, hunted for properties, purchased 10 acres with a former stable, renovated for six months and here we are, ready for you.

It has been our privilege to carve out this peaceful place just for you and whomever you decide to bring along.